Managing Your Computer Systems

The world is run on computers and if you don’t use them right or know what to do when something goes wrong, it can cause a huge mess.  This is true for the medical and pharmacy fields as well as many others that use computers.  Drug stores in particular often rely on retail pharmacy computer systems to keep track of their inventory, customers, sales and much more.  If these systems were to go down, chaos could result. Here are a few tips to keep vital computers up and running safely.

Secure credentials

The first thing that you need to do is ensure that you have secure credentials.  These credentials will be strong usernames and passwords.  In many cases companies will use Admin for their username and a generic password for their security systems.  This is not going to cut it when you are working with sensitive data.

Have predefined fields and answers

retail pharmacy computer systems

One major issue with systems is that you need to ensure data integrity.  What this basically means is that each person needs to enter in data exactly the same way for the same fields or the data is not valid.  If we have predefined fields with names filled out for medicines, dosages and more, then the odds of having inaccurate data becomes slim.

Don’t connect to outside sources

You don’t want to get hacked.  If you get hacked, then you will be in trouble of having all of your clients data all over which can cause chaos.  The best way to achieve this is to have a closed system.  With a closed system no one from the outside world can access the data.  The only way to access the data is to have someone at a computer terminal on location.

Backup everything

Finally, make sure that you backup everything.  You want to have daily backups and multiple backups.  This way, if a system crashes or something happens, you are only down a day and don’t have to reconstruct the system.